twisted in graves

Twisted in Graves was found-dead in 2004 in Orlando FL by creator Mike Twisted. Inspired by the blood and guts of classic horror films and the speed and aggression of punk music, it was only natural (or unnatural depending on who you ask) that he would find himself in the icy cold clutches of psychobilly.

It didn’t take long to realize that this band meant business. After just a couple of shows they were sharing the stage with Psychobilly and Punk legends such as The Quakes, Demented Are Go, FEAR, Nekromantix, Mad Sin, Koffin Kats, Calavera and The 12 Step Rebels. Twisted in Graves soon gained notoriety for their unparalleled energy and infectious stage presence.

After taking the Florida Psychobilly scene by storm it was time to move on to slimier pastures, so they decided to up root and reanimate TIG’s lifeless corpse to the beautiful puss filled polluted grounds and irradiated air of New Jersey/Philadelphia.

Now summoned back to the Florida swamps with new members Angi Gunz (Upright Bass) a force definitely to be wreckin’ with. She’s not just all Strychnine and spice. She’s the stuff that all of your wildest nightmares are made of! We are proud to announce the debut of Emily Psych Ward on drums! She looks like a doll, but she will eat your brains! This new Twisted trio will be unstoppable! Beware…

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